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I qualified as a ’Blue Badge' Tour Guide in May 2016.  Since then I have already enjoyed taking coach tours, site visits and walking tours.  It would be be a pleasure to take your group as well.   The Blue Badge is the UK's top level of qualification for tourist guiding, and it is awarded by the Institute for Tourist Guiding (ITG).  The ITG  is accredited by government to set and apply standards in tour guiding in the UK.  The qualification is given after three written exams, four practical exams and a project, all based on a year of intensive study.   I qualified additionally for South West Engand at the start of 2019 and now live in beautiful North Devon.

I grew up in the 60s and 70s in Hampshire (Southampton) and Wiltshire, then spent three years at Oxford University.   

I then enjoyed a long career in broadcasting, telecommunications and radiocommunications, first as an engineer and then as a manager.   From 2007 to 2015 I was Director of an international organisation in Copenhagen.

While in Denmark I greatly enjoyed visiting and finding out more about my temporary home.  So I came back to England in 2015 seeing my familiar home area through this new perspective, and resolved to show it to others.

Southern England is full of interesting and beautiful places; some very visible while others are harder to find. Its importance in North European history, and in shaping modern English identity makes it fascinating to explore.

I am a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding,  and the British Guild of Tourist Guides,  and the Association of Wessex Tourist Guides.

I  am also a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology; but that’s mainly for the winter months!

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