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Fee basis; Terms and Conditions. 

Guiding (coach commentary, site visits, walking tours)

My rates for guiding depend on the context, but generally are benchmarked against the ranges and supplementary guidance published by the British Guild of Tourist Guides on their website.  I am also pleased to negotiate proportionate rates for extended half-day tours, i.e between 4 and 9 hours.  I can offer shorter engagements than 4 hours in North Devon:  outside this area I will generally seek a fee for a half day minimum.

My Terms and Conditions are as a default those set out by the British Guild of Tourist Guides for regional guides.  Variations to this can be advised and discussed before agreeing an engagement.

Travel: I will usually seek reimbursement for my travel to and from the start and finish of the assignment.  In normal hours my daily claim for total mileage or public transport costs (this may also subsume my accommodation costs where I stay nearer to the relevant locations instead of travelling on consecutive days) would not exceed:

£10 for travel to locations in Devon outside the districts of North Devon and Torridge (no charge within those districts), and to West Somerset District

£15 for travel to Dorset, or Somerset (beyond West Somerset)

£20 for travel to Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bournemouth/Christchurch/Poole, Wiltshire, Bath, or Bristol

£25 for travel to: Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Cornwall, or Gloucestershire

£50 for travel to Greater London, Surrey or West Sussex


  • I will seek additional reimbursement for car parking charges.  I would use Park and Ride arrangements where these are practicable.

  • For engagements which start and finish at different locations, I will seek reimbursement of full travel costs by a reasonable route and means to and from the more costly of these locations for me to reach.

Other services

  • For day excursion organisation services, this depends on the complexity and so the time expected to be spent.

  • For talks, fees will depend on the expected extent of more detailed research and other preparation required and the location.  I shall be very pleased to discuss this.


  • Fees for Meet and Greet, will generally be based upon guiding rates.  If the assignment is not combined with guiding services I will wish to include my travel time to and from the location; please enquire